Best IPTV Mamba Streams

Best IPTV Mamba Streams

Mamba Streams Viper Player Installation

The Mamba Streams Viper Player is exclusive for Android Devices. Viper Player for Mamba Streams is to our customized player.

Mamba Streams Viper Player

Mamba Streams Viper Player Setup

Once installed you will want to do the following to customize the player to your liking:

Install EPG once app downloads and opens to setup on screen guide
Gears Icon is player settings
1. General Settings
 – Uncheck Everything
– Click Save Changes
2. Time Format
 – 12 Hours Format
 – Click Save Changes
3.Player Settings
 – Hardware Decoder
 – Click Save Changes
4. Parental Control
 – Set and confirm a pin
 – Go to each section and lock the categories you do not wish to view including ADULT from movies section or VOD ALL will have all the porn shorts (not family friendly)
 – Strongly suggested to lock 4k content at this time
To make the channel full screen double click the channel name
To favorite a channel hold selection button down and add to favorites
To record hold selection button down and record

Mamba Streams Android VPN

Protect your online activities from your hackers and your ISP. Be sure to run the Mamba Streams VPN for Viper Player. You will never be throttled nor blacked out from your favorite event.

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